Happy Snapping @ Mt Lofty Botanical Garden

Happy snappers adelaide

Mindful photography groups

Facilitating unique Mindful Photography experiences for anyone in Southern Adelaide to be able to access. Providing photographic equipment (if needed), simple mentoring in its use & weekly trips out to all manner of interesting destinations, all for less than $5 a week!


minimise isolation

One of the main goals of Happy Snappers Adelaide is for individuals that live with isolation as a result of their mental health life challenges to be able to safely get out into nature on a regular basis; deeply observing it & entering into a state of Mindfulness easily.

Through the use of a camera this is facilitated very quickly. Participants are able to leave the world & their concerns behind as they focus on what they are seeing & how they want to explore that photographically.

Alex Mausolf
Alex Mausolf
Alex Mausolf
Alex Mausolf

1 Mad Idea

& Lots Of Courage

Happy Snappers Adelaide was born out of the idea to allow others that live with mental health challenges to easily be able to have the same experiences of enjoyment, Mindfulness, creativity & self-expression that Alex (the founder of Happy Snappers Adelaide) has experienced for many years now through his own photography.

Knowing how healing the photographic journey was for himself, sparked an intense desire to share this well-being experience with others.



There will be two groups held in the first term of 2019, one on Monday afternoons, meeting at Artworks Inc. Community Arts Centre in Hackham & the other meeting on Wednesday afternoons at the Hackham West Community Centre.

Both groups can now have 10 participants, with 8 cameras available to be provided as is needed. They will be held from 11:30am – 2:30pm & shall have 2 longer day trips each term.

Due to the popularity of our visits to the Adelaide Fringe Parade of Light event in 2018, we will be going back again for more in March of 2019!

Amanda B
Michelle B
Don R
Michelle H



Happy Snappers Adelaide was helped out with the donation of a roller-bag in which the photographic gear can be transported easily to the various groups. As an exchange of energies, the Happy Helpers were formed where some participants have had the opportunity to undertake some event photography for a local community event.

This has now evolved to become an important service for local Southern Adelaide community groups, with the Happy Helpers being able to provide event photography, video & even drone footage on a voluntary basis. Allowing access for groups that otherwise couldn’t afford to utilise these sorts of services & helping the Happy Snappers participants connect to their local communities in a meaningful way.



We need your help urgently!

Happy Snappers Adelaide is forming a management committee, so as to become an officially registered charity with the ACNC & we are still searching for our treasurer & some general committee members.

If you, or someone you know could be interested in assisting us, please get in touch with us.

Alex Mausolf
Gail B


“Happy Snappers Mindful photography gives me an opportunity to learn new things while doing something I love. It is an opportunity for me to have some “me time” in nature and capturing beautiful moments in our community.

Alex is helpful and informative. He allows opportunities to freestyle but also presents opportunities to learn different perspectives and camera settings.

I am only able to access this because it’s low cost in our community.

I thank Alex for his gentle approach and his understanding of our diverse issues.

I highly recommend this as an experience.”

- Michelle