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Find out about Happy Snappers Adelaide, its origins, its values, & its vision for the future. See what sort of digital photographic equipment is available to use in the groups.

1 Mad Idea

& lots of courage

Happy Snappers Adelaide is an interesting & unique initiative, revolving around Mindfulness & Photography.

Basically, it’s a wellness activity utilising the benefits of regular time in nature, some safe social interaction, a good liberal dose of creativity through the use of a controllable camera, accessing a state of Mindfulness easily through deep observation & thought about what is being captured & how that can be expressed in an image creatively.

It can be undertaken by anyone, regardless of income level, isolation, lifestyle, frame of mind, level of wellness, access to mental health supports, or any other possible inequity. NDIS funding is not needed, & accessing this well-being activity as it costs less than $5 a week to participate makes it a truly equitable activity for all.

Alex Mausolf
Alex Mausolf
Alex Mausolf



Happy Snappers Adelaide was born out of the idea to allow others that live with mental health challenges to easily be able to have the same experiences of enjoyment, Mindfulness, creativity & self-expression that Alex (the founder of Happy Snappers Adelaide) has experienced for many years now through his own photography.

Knowing how healing the photographic journey was for himself sparked an intense desire to share this well-being experience with others.


A.K.A. The Toys

Being a staunch believer in equality of access to this initiative, Alex (Happy Snappers founder) has gathered together a diversity of photography equipment, so that anybody can participate, regardless of financial situations that would otherwise make it impossible to experience the use of a fully controllable camera with interchangeable lenses.

There are tiny touch screen cameras, which are very similar in use to a mobile phone, but with interchangeable lenses & the opportunity to control the camera, creating images a mobile phone just can’t achieve.

The greater majority of the cameras available are DSLR’s or what you think of when you mention a camera. These offer the ability to look through a viewfinder, which allows the participants to quickly & easily access a state of Mindfulness.

The toys!


After donating a camera to a participant that would benefit from having one of their own, but couldn’t otherwise purchase it for themselves.
“I could never have afforded this camera, not in my wildest dreams, I don’t feel worthy of such an amazing gift. This will help me to get out of the house more often, your photography groups are the only thing I normally do to get out of the house. Now I have a reason to go for a walk.”