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Find out about Happy Snappers Adelaide, its origins, its values, & its vision for the future. Learn about Mindfulness, Mindful Photography & the benefits it offers to those that experience it.. See what sort of digital photographic equipment is available to use in the groups.

1 Mad Idea

& lots of courage

Happy Snappers Adelaide was born out of the idea to allow others that live with mental health challenges to easily be able to have the same experiences of enjoyment, Mindfulness, creativity & self-expression that Alex (the founder of Happy Snappers Adelaide) has experienced for many years now through his own photography.

Knowing how healing the photographic journey was for himself, sparked an intense desire to share this well-being experience with others.

Alex Mausolf
Alex Mausolf
Gail B


No chanting needed

Mindfulness, what exactly is it?

Isn’t Mindfulness just for Buddhists?

Is meditation the same as Mindfulness?

You’d have to be living under a rock not to have heard of the term, especially in regards of well-being. It’s mentioned in just about every type of media that you come across, so just how do you do it?

It’s all about focusing on your breathing when you’re stressed, or imagining yourself being calm, right?


Minimise Isolation

One of the main goals of Happy Snappers Adelaide is for individuals that live with isolation as a result of their mental health life challenges to be able to safely get out into nature on a regular basis; deeply observing it & entering into a state of Mindfulness easily.

Through the use of a camera this is facilitated very quickly. Participants are able to leave the world & their concerns behind as they focus on what they are seeing & how they want to explore that photographically.

Alex Mausolf
Alex Mausolf
The toys!


AKA The Toys

Being a staunch believer in equality of access to this initiative, Alex (Happy Snappers founder) has gathered together a diversity of photography equipment, so that anybody can participate, regardless of financial situations that would otherwise make it impossible to experience the use of a fully controllable camera with interchangeable lenses.

There are tiny touch screen cameras, which are very similar in use to a mobile phone, but with interchangeable lenses & the opportunity to control the camera, creating images a mobile phone just can’t achieve.

The greater majority of the cameras available are DSLR’s or what you think of when you mention a camera. These offer the ability to look through a viewfinder, which allows the participants to quickly & easily access a state of Mindfulness.


“I am a participant of Alexs mindful photography group. It’s a small managaeble group. We get on well and have many great laughs and many opportunities to take photographs of the many scenic places we visit.

I have love taking photos but since starting this group I have become much.more interested now. While out and about I now look around more for something to photograph.

The group has opened my eyes to whats around me and the opportunities to take lovely photographs.

I now also see why its called mindful photography as it takes your mind of your busy life as busy looking for that next photo.”

- Sherralyn

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