The Vision

In the establishing stages, the focus on offering this unique and voluntary service solely to those that experience mental health challenges shifted to offering and delivering this to the broader community as a regular well-being activity and immersion in Nature, in conjunction with some gentle social interaction. Interestingly enough though, it turns out that most all of the participants identify in their own way as living with various aspects of mental health challenges or experiences in their own lives!


Simple guidance in the use of a digital camera can allow the user the ability to experience mindful photography, leaving the world, its intrusions and distractions behind as they immerse themselves in observation, exploration and stillness. Through the use of a digital camera, you are given a myriad of opportunities to express yourself visually. Things like being able to select how much of an image is in focus, how the light will play on the scene or object, exactly what is in focus, the ability to zoom in on something, and much more is offered by a digital camera. These are things that a mobile phone can not really offer. Studies have shown that this is an easily accessed state of being through the use of a camera. I have cited some studies and web postings about this on my (About) “Evidence” page.


Sharing his passion, enjoyment and excitement for photography through simple explorations of many techniques, styles and methods will surprise the participants in what they can achieve even if they have never picked up a camera before in their lives! Nurturing this learning and exploration of photography within the participants is assisted through the use of a broad range of cameras and equipment, with them ranging from full-on DSLR’s to the smaller and much lighter Micro-Four-Thirds format cameras. There’s a camera for every need that could be experienced, from poor eyesight and limited dexterity to chronic body movement, all of these situations can easily be overcome through the use of the right type of camera for the participants. Working from a tripod, for example, with assistance in framing up subjects or landscapes and in the camera operation allows all participants to achieve their photographic goals, regardless of physical limitations.


Inside activities are arranged easily and quickly if poor weather is too big a challenge to head outside, such as when it’s too hot or too wet.


With a past history of delivering adult community education training through organisations such as the Adelaide WEA and TAFESA in combination with having experienced mental health recovery assisted greatly by photography, Alex is passionate about sharing this wellness activity and creative exploration with others in simple and easy to digest ways.



Our Values:

  1. To provide an easy and safe exploration through digital photography, allowing the experience of Mindfulness.
  2. To act ethically, honestly and with the utmost integrity towards the participant at all times.
  3. To make accessible and create opportunities for Mindful experiences through digital photography.
  4. To provide the opportunity for individuals to learn about and participate in digital photography, even if they do not own any photographic equipment.
  5. To be known and respected as a driving and innovative force for the promotion of beneficial and meaningful experiences through digital photography.
  6. To build and foster a community and culture of like minded people.
  7. To be involved in and create a positive impact within local communities.
  8. To enable personal growth, learning, self improvement, and positive change whenever possible through the above.

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