Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter

Sometimes inspiration can be found with the most unlikely of subjects!


In this case, a heart shaped cookie cutter is the star.


Different arrangements, with emphasis on shadows, pairing it up with red and green apples, and then changing out the background with some wrapping paper has proved to be most impressive!


Tabletop photography can be simple, entertaining, achieved very easily and without great expense!

heart2 copy


heart4 copy


heart3 copy

Coloured Pencils

Yet another example of things that can be photographed when indoors, through poor weather, unavailability of transport, or whatever the reason.


Coloured pencils!


They can make very interesting photographic subjects and allow for all manner of positioning and compositions, especially when used with a rubber band to keep them in place!

pencils6 copy


pencils4 copy


pencils7 copy


pencils1 copy


pencils2 copy


pencils5 copy


pencils8 copy

Tabletop Photography

When the weather turns bad, what can you do for photographic pursuits? Tabletop photography, using all manner of things available at easy reach!


Things like cutlery, various plant matter, fruits and vegetables, a dish rack, or even a bracelet can make interesting subjects to capture, offering lots of potential in regards to putting mindful creativity into practice for interesting compositions.


Personally, I love playing with things reflected on shiny or mirrored surfaces.


Here are a few items at play.

tabletop5 copytabletop4 copy




tabletop1 copy


tabletop6 copy


tabletop2 copy