Pay It Forward

Help create the Happiness!

Happy Snappers Adelaide is seeking your generosity with financial support or donations of any old bits of digital photographic equipment that you may not be using any more.

We are seeking donations of Canon EOS equipment!

If you have some Canon EOS digital photographic equipment laying around gathering dust, please consider putting it to good use by donating it to us here at Happy Snappers Adelaide.

It can be put to use in two different ways.





We need EF or EF-S mount lenses for the groups

Do you have spare or unused Canon gear that could be donated for the groups to use & explore digital photography with?
  • Telephoto lenses up to 300 mm
  • Macro lenses of any sort or extension tubes
  • 35, 40 or 50 mm prime lenses


Would you like to gift something to a participant?

We have passed on 3 cameras now to participants that otherwise could never afford to purchase one:
  • Do you have a working digital camera that is 8 MP or above?
  • It could be any type; Compact, Mirrorless, DSLR all are given new homes easily!
  • Please have the battery & charger for it, we can arrange for memory cards if needed.

“I could never have afforded this camera, not in my wildest dreams, I don’t feel worthy of such an amazing gift. This will help me to get out of the house more often, your photography groups are the only thing I normally do to get out of the house. Now I have a reason to go for a walk.” – Anonymous Participant

Want to help us with some fundraising?

There are two ways you can help us out financially.




1. Purchase a fund-raising photograph

The following images are available for purchase at a cost of $280 each. The proceeds of which will go towards helping pay for a weekend retreat for 8 participants later on in 2019 & also for entry to the Adelaide Zoo for the participants in term 4 of 2019.

These images were initially exhibited by Alex Mausolf (Happy Snappers Adelaide founder) as a part of the 2018 SALA Festival & they were nominated as a collective for the 2018 Don Dunstan Foundation Award. They are now being donated by Alex to help fund some activities for Happy Snappers Adelaide.

They are framed as pictured in simple black modern frames with white mattes.

Dimensions are:

  • 50 x 70 cm
  • 94 x 38.5 cm for the panoramic image of Victoria Square

Please email or ring 0413 549 088 with any queries.


2. Donate anonymously by Bank Transfer

Do you like or love the Happy Snappers initiative & want to help us out in some way but don’t have any equipment or the ability to help on the Management Committee? Donations via bank transfer are appreciated!
Every cent will go towards Happy Snappers Adelaide activities, including exhibitions, a weekend retreat for 8 participants, admission to the Adelaide Zoo for the participants.
  • BSB: 325 185

  • Account: 03674273

  • Name: John Alexander Mausolf *

* John is my legal or birth name, but my preference is to use Alex, one day I will blow the cash on changing it legally, so the bank account marries up to my name of preference.

Please email or ring 0413 549 088 with any queries.


Hands holding sapling in soil


Huge thanks go to

the following community centre’s, companies, NGO’s, services and groups for their invaluable assistance in helping to make Happy Snappers Adelaide become the amazingly effective thing that it has become!

Onkaparinga Seaside Walk

The Onkaparinga Seaside Walk for World Suicide Prevention Day is an annual event in our Southern coastal suburb of Moana, raising awareness & funds for suicide prevention, put on by the Seaford Rotary Club annually.

The Onkaparinga Seaside Walk for World Suicide Prevention Day very kindly donated $250 towards a much needed roller-bag to help move all the photographic equipment around in, allowing the participants the opportunity to explore their photography with more than one lens at a time, as I was previously limited to, as I could only take one backpack with me.

IT Share SA Inc.

Refurbishing discarded or donated computer parts & peripherals.

They supplied us with an incredibly priced laptop, so that at the end of a session I can import the images from those participants that use their own cameras.

Thanks for a fantastic service & an even more incredible price!

Sarah Jane W. Photography

Gorgeous newborn, portraiture and boudoir photography.

Donated some fantastic Portrait Lighting equipment (lights, stands & soft-boxes) for the groups to be able to use! Thanks so much for your generosity Sarah Jane.

Hackham West Community Centre

The heart of Hackham West.

Partnering with Happy Snappers Adelaide to create regular Mindful Photography sessions for the local community members! Thanks so much for being so progressive and seeing the worth of this unique idea.

Artworks Inc. Community Arts Studio

A unique community arts program, renowned for its innovative combination of public art and social inclusion.

Partnering with Happy Snappers Adelaide to create some special Mindful Photography sessions for the local community members as part of some different community events. Thanks for the amazing experience!

Community Health Onkaparinga

Promoting health & well-being in the City of Onkaparinga & encouraging residents to live healthy, active & creative lifestyles.

Assisting Happy Snappers Adelaide in our founding stages by helping to provide us public liability coverage & networking assistance as we grew our legs & learnt to run! Thanks so much for your assistance & seeing the potential of this simple idea.
Michelle H

Happy Helpers

Happy Helpers were formed thanks to a much appreciated piece of generosity from a local community event which raises awareness for suicide prevention as a fund-raiser so that they can put on Mental Health 1st Aid & Suicide Awareness & Prevention training courses for free in the local region. Their act of gifting us a roller-bag to transport all our photographic equipment in for the various sessions & locations we visit was able to be paid back by some of the participants & myself acting as event photographers for them. Something that I look forward to as an ongoing relationship for many years to come!

Since then the Happy Helpers have helped out & are available to help out at a range of various indoor & outdoor community events & functions; allowing groups that can’t afford photographers to have their events photographed & allowing the Happy Helper participants involved to know that they can be & in fact are of benefit to their local community.

It’s a beautiful thing!

As I now have my own UAV (drone) we can now offer that as a unique point of view for these community events too. Papers are lodged by myself to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority in accordance with UAV piloting requirements for public events.

Alex has his Federal Police & DCSI general clearance, as well as clearances for working with children & the vulnerable. It is hoped that those participants offering their time voluntarily as Happy Helpers will also obtain these clearances too.

Unfortunately, we can’t share images from all of these events, but when we can, we will. Here is a gallery of images taken at the Onkaparinga Seaside Walk, that kicked off this simple community-minded initiative. The Onkaparinga Seaside Walk for World Suicide Prevention Day is an annual event held in our Southern coastal suburb of Moana, raising awareness & funds for suicide prevention, put on by the Seaford Rotary Club annually.

If you are a community group within the Onkaparinga region & are interested in the possibility of having the Happy Helpers assist you, please, get in touch with Alex Mausolf through email or by mobile on 0413 549 088.



Help spread the Happiness

Happy Snappers Adelaide is in the process of creating a managing committee so that we can become an officially approved and registered charitable body. We still need a Treasurer & some Committee members though!

If you would like to help us out in these roles, or you potentially know of someone who would be amazing in these roles, please suggest this opportunity to assist a grassroots initiative that is genuinely helping improve lives in a simple way, so that we can get this monumental shift under way.

We need Management Committee members & a Treasurer

Do You…
  • Have a passion for photography, or perhaps the arts?
  • Can you understand the importance of access to the arts & regular quality time in nature for all those living with mental health challenges in their lives?
  • Can you manage simple finances? We don’t have a complicated financial structure!
  • Would you like the opportunity to give something back to the community in some way?
  • You don’t even have to live locally to be able to fulfill this role as we can meet via digital means.

Can You uphold these 4 legal duties?

The four main legal duties are:
  • the duty to act in good faith in the best interests of the organisation and for a proper purpose
  • the duty to act with reasonable care, skill and diligence (including the duty to prevent insolvent trading)
  • the duty not to improperly use information or position, and
  • the duty to disclose and manage conflicts of interest

“Happy Snappers Adelaide has been the single-most powerful thing in my life that I have ever done for others” – Alex Mausolf

Where can I find out more?

To find out more about exactly what the legal obligations are when becoming an active management committee member of a charitable body. You can download a thorough and excellent guide that is easy to understand from: Not For Profit Law / Justice Connect.





In a nutshell…

“The law recognises that committee members (or directors) as well as some office holders in not-for-profit groups make important decisions about the strategic direction and activities of a group. Because committees have significant power, the law requires them to comply with legal duties like acting in good faith and in the best interests of the organisation. Where the standards set by legal duties are not met, penalties can apply (but this is very rare). Sometimes conflicts arise between the personal interests of a committee member, and the interests of the group. The law also provides a framework on how to deal with this situation.”






So what are you waiting for?

Get happy!

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