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Find out what’s in store for the groups in 2019, including full itineraries for the current term. Learn what the groups are about & have your queries answered in the FAQ. Enjoy some videos & galleries of an assortment of images from our past programs.



There will be two groups held in the second term of 2019, one on Monday morningss, meeting at Artworks Inc. Community Arts Centre in Hackham & the other meeting on Tuesday mornings at the Hackham West Community Centre.

Both groups can have 8 participants, with 8 cameras available to be provided as is needed. They will be held from 9:30am – 12:30pm & shall have 2 longer day trips each term.

An itinerary of the groups destinations is available as a PDF to download.

Amanda B
Michelle B
Amanda B
Amanda B


asked questions

Have you got a quick query about our initiative? Chances are that it’s answered in the FAQ’s.

If your matter isn’t answered there, send us a message & it will be added if it’s something others may want to know about easily too.



Happy Snappers Adelaide have visited, investigated, looked in, crawled through & captured photographs of a huge variety of places, landscapes, things & people over the last year. Here are some videos & photographic galleries from our past programs sharing some of these explorations of Mindfulness as is so easily achieved with a controllable camera.

Alex Mausolf
Alex Mausolf


After helping a participant to acquire a DSLR camera:

“Thank you again so much Alex, not only for the camera but all the support and all you give”

- Jess