Queries that are frequently asked of us

Why the need for cameras ? Everyone already has mobile phones that can take photographs, aren't they good enough ?

It is specifically the use of a fully controllable camera that induces a state of mindfulness on the participant, partly through awareness & partly through intense observation & a deeper level of thought. When using a mobile phone for photography one does not have to concentrate or observe to the same level as when using a controllable camera. I have some excerpts of studies & web articles that talk about this in quite some depth on the “Benefits” page in the “About” section.

How difficult would this be for someone that’s never used a camera before ?

Using a camera needn’t be a complicated process to learn. I instruct this in easy to digest bite-sized chunks. The first week is spent familiarising the participants with their camera of choice, learning how to make it focus where they want it to, using it on an automatic setting to start off with. In the second week, they progress to operating the aperture, which allows them the ability to choose how much of the scene is in focus.

It really is easy to grasp, people are always surprised by how quickly they actually get it & can start exploring it further to create the images they imagined!

Are there extreme weather policies ?

Absolutely! It doesn’t happen all that often, but the weather being what it is, it could occur.

In the event of hot weather being predicted the evening before a session, indicating that the temperature for a session would be 32 degrees or higher according to the Bureau of Meteorology that session will take place indoors where alternative photography opportunities will be arranged.

In the event of wet or extremely windy weather, the same policy will take place with alternative indoor photographic activities being offered.

Who owns the rights to the images ? If they are taken using your equipment aren’t they yours ?

Absolutely not! As the creators of the images, the copyright remains that of the participants.

If the images are to be sold or used, written permission is required from the creators; unless working as a part of the Happy Helpers when we are photographing a community event as the event photographers & then the rights of the images are those of the community group we are working for.

How do I get the photographs I take ?

This has been a learning curve over the last year, trying to work out how to pass the images off to the participants easily & the following methods are the easiest ways I can think of.

Method 1
  • Get yourself two 4 – 8 GB USB sticks.
  • Bring one each week with you to the session & pass it to me.
  • I transfer the images during that week & give the USB stick back to you the following week.
  • Method 2
  • Use your own SD card or cards, make sure it is 8 GB at the smallest.
  • Bring it with you each week.
  • Be aware that it will need to be formatted specifically for the camera you are using during the sessions, so may not be used with other cameras, unless it is reformatted each session which will wipe any old images from it. So make sure you back up anything on it prior to using it in a session, so as to avoid possibly losing anything on it.

Can I use my own camera ?

If you are lucky enough to have your own camera with a controllable aperture & the modes of P, A, S & M on the control dial or that are otherwise accessible somehow, certainly!

Can I learn how to use my own camera ?

Sure! Whilst this is not strictly a photography class, instruction, hints & tips are passed on according to the individuals interest level. Make sure that you have your instruction manual for reference, the full one with hundreds of pages to it, not just the ‘getting started’ guide. I don’t know where to access every feature on every brand or model of camera. & that will make the job easier if needed.

Do you cover photographic techniques like composition, storytelling, or the like ?

This is not an instructional thing as such, but tips & techniques are shared as they come up at various locations according to the individuals interest levels.

I'm not sure I could attend every week, can I still join in ?

For sure! Just pay for the term ahead & a spot is secured for you at all sessions, allowing you to attend when you can & covering your share of the transport costs each week.

There is no possible way to charge a week to week attendance for this programme without incurring additional costs myself that I can’t afford, what with me living on a Disability Pension.

How many participants can be a part of this ?

With us using a 12 seater bus, there can now be 10 participants for each session.

Can I see the destinations you have planned ?

Yes, if you go to the “Groups” page in the “Groups” section you will find the itinerary for the groups this term, or the term ahead as that approaches.

Do I need to bring anything with me ?

Recommended items include a mobile-phone ( for emergency contact if needed), a wide-brimmed hat, water & sensible closed-in footware for walking on possibly slightly uneven or loose surfaces.

Is this physically strenuous ?

Feedback from last years programme’s has been taken into account & the places we are visiting this year are significantly easier to get around.

Average fitness is required for the places we are visiting. There are no exceedingly hard walks, climbs or hikes, but the sessions can be on uneven surfaces, like are found at beaches or trails in parks.

Walk distances would range from 1 to 4 kilometre’s in length over a period of about one & a half to two hours for normal sessions.

The longer day-trips obviously cover a longer distance, but it is spread out over the day with lots of potential for rest, drinks & food in between destinations.


What does it cost to attend ?

As this is still just a bloke (me) voluntarily holding this without any financing behind me a fee of $40 is charged per term, this is payable before the first session. This charge is to cover the costs of using the Hackham West Community Centre bus for the sessions, which they kindly allow us to use for a very low cost!

Wednesday session attendees can make payment at the Hackham West Community Centre, located at 44 Glyniville Drive, Hackham West.

Monday session attendees can pay by bank transfer to Happy Snappers Adelaide prior to commencement.

BSB: 325 185

Account: 03674273

Name: John Alexander Mausolf

My formal name is John Alexander Mausolf, but I have a strong preference for using Alex as my given name. Please do not be alarmed about a different name being used on the bank account. It is still me!

Is your equipment insured, just in case a camera gets dropped or something gets damaged during a session ?

Whilst Happy Snappers Adelaide have arranged full coverage of our photographic equipment for theft & accidental damage we ask that every due care is taken with the equipment when using it in the sessions. This means making sure that the neck strap is around your neck at all times from the moment the camera is passed to you until you return it to the Happy facilitator at the end of the session.
In the event of an accident, equipment will then be out of use until replacement/s can be arranged. There is a $500 excess fee payable to the insurance company for replacements & in all honesty this is probably more than the cost of replacements, so we would ask that a participant help us out with the replacement cost to the best of their ability, if necessary. This is so that others are not affected by the loss of a piece of equipment.

Are the cameras heavy to hold ?

There are 5 DSLR’s which are the bigger cameras, they weigh about 700 grams each with their lenses attached, these have viewfinders that you normally need to look through to use them. There are also 3 much smaller Micro-Four-Thirds cameras & they weigh under 400 grams with their lenses attached, there are 2 of these with touchscreens for those that may potentially have eyesight challenges & the other one can operate via a viewfinder or with a live view on the rear screen.

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