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Help Us Help The Local Community

Are you in a position to be able to help us out? Please do, we urgently need management committee members to help us become a registered charity & it’s not actually that hard to do!

Find out how Happy Snappers is helping local community groups & giving its participants the opportunity to give something back to their communities.

Do you have some spare lenses laying around? See our wish list & see if you can pass on something to us that will help the participants be able to explore their Mindful Photography even further.

Have an old camera kicking around that is 8MP or higher in resolution? We have participants that would dearly love to finally have their own cameras!



We need your help urgently!

Happy Snappers Adelaide is forming a management committee, so as to become an officially registered charity with the ACNC & we are still searching for our treasurer & some general committee members.

If you, or someone you know could be interested in assisting us, please get in touch with us.

Alex Mausolf
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Don R
Michelle H



Happy Snappers Adelaide was helped out with the donation of a roller-bag in which the photographic gear can be transported easily to the various groups. As an exchange of energies, the Happy Helpers were formed where some participants have had the opportunity to undertake some event photography for a local community event.

This has now evolved to become an important service for local Southern Adelaide community groups, with the Happy Helpers being able to provide event photography, video & even drone footage on a voluntary basis. Allowing access for groups that otherwise couldn’t afford to utilise these sorts of services & helping the Happy Snappers participants connect to their local communities in a meaningful way.


it forward

Happy Snappers Adelaide is still run below cost, with Alex (Happy Snappers creator) picking up the financial slack. As he is living on a disability pension this is extremely hard to maintain any longer.

If you can help by donating some spare lenses or finances, please do so if you see any value in this unique initiative.

There are a range of prints available as fundraiser items, there is also the option to donate some equipment or even monetary assistance if you can spare anything.

Until Happy Snappers Adelaide is formally registered as a charitable body it is extremely hard to gain access to any finances through grants as most grants can not be accessed by programs being run by a single person as Happy Snappers Adelaide currently is.

We have a pay it forward initiative happening which has so far passed on 3 cameras to participants that otherwise would never be able to afford their own! If you have a spare camera that is over 8MP in resolution, please pass it on to someone deserving! All digital camera types are appreciated & found new homes easily.

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Happy Snappers Adelaide has been extremely generously helped, supported & nurtured along the way by a diverse range of organisations, individuals & companies.

Without this support we wouldn’t be here, & we wouldn’t be able to offer others a glimmer of hope through the heaviness of their life experiences with mental health challenges.


“Alex, I’m so grateful to know you well. Your authenticity and generosity of spirit is rare and inspiring.

I consider myself blessed to be able to spend time with you in nature, exploring mindful creativity and learning so much from your uniquely intuitive, highly informed and empathetic teaching style.

The humanity and humbleness you bring to all of your interpersonal relationships is beautiful to behold.


- A Caring Being