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What is Mindfulness? Is it a Religious or Spiritual thing? Do I have to meditate, close my eyes or breathe deeply? How does it apply to photography?

Gail B


No chanting needed

Mindfulness, what exactly is it?

Isn’t Mindfulness just for Buddhists?

Is meditation the same as Mindfulness?

You’d have to be living under a rock not to have heard of the term, especially in regards of well-being. It’s mentioned in just about every type of media that you come across, so just how do you do it?

It’s all about focusing on your breathing when you’re stressed, or imagining yourself being calm, right?



This is a very different approach to photography from how most all of us learnt to go about it. We normally have a head full of thoughts about how to compose an image according to various rules and guidelines. We limit ourselves to what we are comfortable capturing and what we know that we can do well. Where is the challenge or potential for growth and new experience in that? Where is the deep focus and connection to the process of photography, place and subject?
The toys!
Alex Mausolf
Amanda E


Evidence Based

The term “Evidence Based” is bandied around so much in regards to mental health these days, so lets leap on that bandwagon too!

It may be interesting for you to know that many mental health practices are actually based on information that is over fifteen years old! The data which I present here is only a few years old & there is always much more coming to light in regards of the arts & the multitude of mental health benefits that it offers in so many ways.


“I am a participant of Alexs mindful photography group. It’s a small managaeble group. We get on well and have many great laughs and many opportunities to take photographs of the many scenic places we visit.

I have love taking photos but since starting this group I have become much.more interested now. While out and about I now look around more for something to photograph.

The group has opened my eyes to whats around me and the opportunities to take lovely photographs.

I now also see why its called mindful photography as it takes your mind of your busy life as busy looking for that next photo.”

- Sherralyn